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Dougie's Tips.

Here Dougie will share short instructional videos that will help you in all areas of your game. From your long game, standing on a tee with driver to the short game, pitching and putting around the greens, Dougie will work with you to improve your game.


Click on the videos below to play, or follow the link to Dougie's YouTube channel where there are more videos available to watch.


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Hitting the Driver

Dougie talks use through the important set up procedures when it comes to hitting the driver. It includes tee height, ball poisition and spine angle when making contact with the ball and 'swinging up the hill' to improve your game off the tee using these tips as a guide. 

Hitting Centre of Face

Dougie explains how to correctly set up and how to improve the consistency of hitting out of the centre of the face by using a household item that will help you see where your connections are being made.

Ball Position

Dougie explains how important ball position is in the set up of the golf swing, showing us a simple set up that will ensure the ball is in the correct position throughout the swing so you hit it exactly where you are supposed to.

Motion in the golf swing

Dougie talks us through motion in the golf swing and how some items that are locked away in the garage can come in handy when trying to develop and improve your motion in your swingand get those hips turning!


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