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After over twenty years of competing and teaching golf Dougies extensive knowledge continues to grow in an effort to create a learning experience that is fulfilling for all pupils. Having had the opportunity to work with many of the games leading golf coaches throughout Europe taking in Holland Italy England and over course starting out in Scotland Dougie has some innovative ideas in order that each pupil is able develop as an all round golfer.  


He feels it is vitally important the pupils is not simply told how to play golf but becomes part of the learning experience so they can fully understand the reasons behind each shot and how they can control them. By understanding the keys to each swing he has found players not only improve quicker but are able to sustain improvement and see a long term growth.


Each coaching relationship whatever the level of player starts with a relaxed chat in order that a player’s strengths and weakness are fully understood from here a plan is implemented based on what the pupil feels he or she is able to commit too.  With a particular focus on scoring skills and get the ball in the hole learning swing technique will be only a part of the learning experience with Dougie. 

Areas to be coached:


                                    ·  Start blocks  

                                    ·  Body motion 

                                    ·   Arm and body sequence  

                                    ·  Impact awareness 

                                    ·  Creative learning  

                                    ·  Shot shaping  

                                    ·  Putting principles  

                                    ·  Short game master class 

                                    ·  Wedge distance control  

                                    ·  Short game practice plans 

                                    ·  Building confidence 














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